Phantom Ferns

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“Wake early to watch flowers bloom”

Nature Advocate. Adventure Inspirer.

I have found immense healing through the natural world. It has inspired me to lead a purpose-driven life and advocate for progressive love-driven paradigm shifts.

My ambition is to share the therapeutic effects of nature with the world as well as inspire others to get outdoors and play.

My experience as a Recreation Leader for a Nature center allowed me to see firsthand the powerful effects of Nature therapy on people from all walks of life. Pure love from the Earth J

Through my work as a Peer Health Advisor, I was able to counsel and educate my peers through various programs and intimate interactions promoting physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, and sexual health.

These experiences have inspired me towards my life vision of opening a multi-faceted healing sanctuary and ecological center.

This space will utilize a myriad of healing techniques and schools of thoughts from around the world in synergy with Nature therapy.

Visitors can find peace through engaging in community gardens, volunteering for wilderness expeditions with underprivileged youth, or learning about what they can do to help with local and global conservation efforts.

I am an avid hiker and backpacker (and prospective thru-hiker) and invite you to join in on my adventures!