Herb Spiral Iris

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“It’d be nice to have some kind of place to raise awareness about animal rights, I feel that’s a very important thing in today’s world to be sympathetic to another form of being…once you introduce that  to the world and they can prove to themselves that they’re capable of loving a different form of life, that would be great, a little volunteer center or something to let people know, it would be nice to have a garden where people can go and just talk about all of these things that they like, not material things…and be able to connect with one another, to share ideas.

The long journey that I’m embarking right now, basically I want to go into restorative art with the idea and the attempt of trying to create a more ecologically friendly burial system because I really do not agree with the tradition of burying your loved one in a box, and pumping it up with all of those chemicals. I want to come up with…the Mirna tonic and it would with herbs obviously, but it would be a more natural herbal preservative so that way we’re dying with dignity and we’re going back into the earth so these plants take over you and you go back into the earth how we’re supposed to.”

-Herb Spiral Iris